Durbanism, it’s here.

As an African brand, our view to regeneration has a City to City growth strategy.

We have broadened our lens on South African Cities to place focus on Durban. We acquired and developed our first building in Rivertown at 8 Morrison Street - a great place to re-ignite the concept of Durbanism, a culturally rich & urban Durban.

Our building at 8 Morrison has been converted into a bustling hot spot for young entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to stake claim to their very own piece of the city. From the weekly market, retail and office pods we've worked with the local community to add greater value to the experience of the area nostalgically known as the surfboard shapers hub of surf city.

We've set our sights on the greater Durban area, beyond the boundaries of the Rivertown Precinct. Our portfolio in Durban Central is rapidly growing to include buildings that offer a mix of residential, retail and office spaces to D-urbanites and visitors to this warm city.