Pixley House

396 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street

Pixley House pays homage to its namesake, Dr Pixley Seme, and is situated on Dr Pixley Kaseme Street in central Durban. Dr Pixley Seme was the founder and president of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) in 1912, known today as the African National Congress (ANC). As South Africa’s second black African to qualify as an attorney, Pixley Seme’s life was dedicated to both academic excellence and the honing of his powerful intellect to service the struggle for justice in apartheid South Africa.

Pixley House, built in 1938 for the Payne’s Bro’s Department Store, was inspired by Durban’s iconic Art Deco architectural movement. Later renamed Prefcor House, it became the head office for the Game department store. Game still features as the anchor tenant on the ground floor of the building.


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