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Our pilot urban greening project opened to the public earlier this year. Common Ground is an urban park with free play areas for inner city kids to use as a safe, clean, recreational space. The development takes its influence from the original use of the building it sits in front of which was once a recycling factory. The playground within it makes use of repurposed mining pipes from old Johannesburg mines, all wooden elements were once the trusses of the building behind and all original window frames have been turned into large mirrors. This community hub comprises of a central green area surrounded by trees to soften the city landscape, interactive play areas and an amphitheatre that facilitates open-air movie screenings and intimate music concerts for the whole family. Over 15 new food, craft and clothing retailers have brought a vibe to the space and a range of activities will be on offer for all ages. We’re proud to create spaces that positively impact and add value to the inner city lifestyle.



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